Asset License

All assets (HDRIs, textures and 3D models) on this site are the original work of Pbr Library staff, or artists who willingly and directly donate/sell their work to Pbr Library. Our assets are all licensed as CC0, which is effectively Public Domain even in jurisdictions that do not support the Public Domain.

Here’s an excerpt from the CC0 FAQ page to clarify: Once the creator or a subsequent owner of a work applies CC0 to a work, the work is no longer his or hers in any meaningful sense under copyright law. Anyone can then use the work in any way and for any purpose, including commercial purposes […] Think of CC0 as the “no rights reserved” option.

CC0 is a useful tool for clarifying that you do not claim copyright in a work anywhere in the world. In other words: You can use our assets for any purpose, including commercial work. You do not need to give credit or attribution when using them (although it is appreciated). You can redistribute them, share them around, include them when sharing your own work, or even in a product you sell. More info: CC0 summary, CC0 wiki, CC0 FAQ.

Why CC0?

If you earn money from our work , e.g. by including our assets in a product you sell, or simply make frequent use of them in your own work, please consider supporting us on Patreon with a small monthly donation in order to help us continue to produce more assets and maintain this platform.

How often publish new materials?

We Create Quality Textures All Day. But publishing every weekend.